Meelfabriek construction pit is starting to take shape

5 Apr 2019

The former  'Meelfabriek'  on the Oosterkerkstraat in Leiden is being redeveloped: living, creative workplaces, hotel, spa & fitness etc. Old factory buildings are being converted, but demolition and new construction are also taking place. A large part of the complex is a national monument, the existing appearance and character of this is preserved as much as possible.

Work is currently underway on the 3-layer underground parking garage (approximately 80 x 40 meters). The parking garage will be realized in a construction pit with underwater concrete. A part of the parking garage will then have a residential tower of 45 meters high.

The photo nicely shows the progress of the construction site: the second stamp window is being worked on, when it is ready, the construction site is filled with water to dig further under water.