Paul Rijpstra

Unconditionally. 24 hours per day, so to speak. That is how clients can completely trust engineer P. (Paul) Rijpstra. Since 2003, he has been the Director of the offices in Zwolle and Almere and has been a partner since 2004. Through him the expertise of Pieters Bouwtechniek is made available to all—he says it himself. He offers total advice, ensures the necessary depth of detail and assumes the role of the client's confidant.

Being able to exert influence within the project—now that is what Paul finds interesting. Construction-related consulting is not simply a ‘party trick’ you can buy on every street corner. But, unfortunately, that is sometimes what people think. As a manager, he has one mission: to raise the appreciation for the profession to a higher level.

Paul's expertise lies in large-scale projects with a stacking of functions. Both in the main design as well as in the complete organization surrounding it. He is a thinker along broad outlines. This characteristic helps him to maintain a clear overview of large, complex projects, such as the new city centre of Almere.

His motto: There is always a solution. Problems only loom large if you have not yet begun to tackle them. So, get down to work!